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Popular solutions
Electronic booster system DAB E.SYBOX MINI 3
596,69 € excl. VAT
722 €

Discharge 55 m, flow rate 80 l/min, voltage 230 V, connection dimension 1", mechanical stopper, electronic system for pressure boosting, quiet operation, constant pressure and...

Code: ED0049
Circulator DAB EVOSTA 2 40-70/130
New Tip ✅ Záruka
133,88 € excl. VAT
162 €

Displacement 7 m, flow rate 60 l/min, voltage 230 V, construction length 130 mm, connection 6/4", working pressure max. 10 bar, threaded, capless, pump for small heating and...

Code: ED0215
Pump Pedrollo CPm 190 230V
469,42 € excl. VAT
568 €

Displacement 46 m, flow rate 140 l/min, voltage 230 V, maximum suction height: up to 7 m, body material: cast iron, impeller material: stainless steel AISI 304.

Code: ED2227
Most popular products
Automatic pump with frequency converter ESYBOX DIVER 55/120
New Atest
1 013,22 € excl. VAT
1 226 €

Discharge 55 m, flow 120 l/min, 230 V, cable 15 m, unit diameter 185 mm, discharge connection 5/4", immersion depth max. 12 m, automatic submersible pump with frequency converter

Code: ED1291
Domestic waterwork Calpeda NGXM 4/16 80l GWS 230V
609,92 € excl. VAT
738 €

Discharge: 54 m, flow rate 75 l/min, voltage 230 V, connection 1", suction height max. 8 m, tank volume 80 l, mechanical stopper, switching range 2.8 - 4.2 bar, automatic...

Code: ED0498

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